Are there only pills that will cause immediate erection?

Definitely now! There are also pills for erection that deal with the problem of erectile dysfunction more deeply than any other medication. This type of drug is specific since it doesn’t work as typical Viagra (take one, wait a few minutes and go) but rather supports since it enhances the very erectile response of a man to arousal. There is no big science behind this – for a man to get aroused and have an erection, a primary response from the brain to the blood cells and nervous system is needed – the Phosphodiesterase is targeting these very specific cells around man’s genitals and supports them.

How do you use it and how quickly does it work?

You should take one pill 30 minutes before the actual sexual intercourse, with or without food. But if you take it with food you should anticipate a slight delay. The positive effects can last more than 4 hours. You should not drink grapefruit juice 24 hours before taking the Spedra pill and drinking alcohol can also „hinder“ the awaited effect.

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